Computation Controversy paper

Our paper Computational Controversy has been accepted at the SocInfo 2017 conference! Abstract Climate change, vaccination, abortion, Trump: Many topics are surrounded by fierce controversies. The nature of such heated debates and their elements have been studied extensively in the social science literature. More recently, various computational approaches to controversy analysis have appeared, using new[…]


Weekly AI talk on ControCurator

Last week I gave a talk at the VU Weekly AI meeting on the topic of ControCurator. In this talk I went into the different aspects of controversies, which we have identified in this project. You can view the slides here:


ControCurator paper on Understanding Controversy accepted at Collective Intelligence

Our ControCurator paper abstract titled “ControCurator: Understanding Controversy Using Collective Intelligence” has been accepted at Collective Intelligence 2017. In this paper we describe the aspects of controversy: the time-persistence, emotion, multiple actors, polarity and openness. Using crowdsourcing, the ControCurator dataset of 31888 controversy annotations was obtained for the relevance of these aspects to 5048 Guardian[…]


ControCurator demonstration at ICT Open 2017

Our demo of ControCurator titled “ControCurator: Human-Machine Framework For Identifying Controversy” will be shown at ICT Open 2017. In this demo the ControCurator human-machine framework for identifying controversy in multimodal data is shown. The goal of ControCurator is to enable modern information access systems to discover and understand controversial topics and events by bringing together[…]


Start of ControCurator

The aim of the ControCurator project is for modern information access systems to discover and understand controversial topics and events. This is done by 1) bringing together different types of crowds: niches of experts, lay crowds and engaged social media contributors; and 2) using machines in a joint active learning workflow for real-time and offline[…]