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I am a Democrat in rural, red-state America. My party abandoned us
Published in Guardian on 2016-11-15T17:38:15+00:00
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Negative Comments

The poor white remains on the caboose of the train, but it ain't him to blame. He's only a pawn in their game.

Gee, the poor, misunderstood people of your community voted for DJT bcse he is going to jump on his white horse and come to your rescue ... just as GOP has done all these years that your community voted for them. Best of luck ...

Rebecca Casstevens:
Yes, the DNC abandoned the major passionate support for Bernie Sanders. The foul play to make Hillary their candidate was grossly misguided.

You think you had it bad.. I had to work in Kern Co. Calif for 11 years! Smoggiest place in 'Mericuh, and those guys want to do away with the EPA. While their children suffer from asthma and skin disorders. Too much propaganda, too little brainpower = Cognitive dissonance. Talk about meatheads..

THis article should be very widely read by those who deride the American working poor,who voted for Trump.Unfortunatel, it won't be

Positive Comments

It's unrealistic to think that Clinton could have won Texas. But she easily could have won Michigan, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. All of these states should have turned blue on election night. Clinton should have taken a page out of her husband's playbook and made the economy the primary focus of her campaign.

Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard. H. L. Mencken

Neither the democrats or the republicans care about the middle and lower classes. Stop your bellyaching, get to know your neighbors of color, sexual persuasion and ORGANIZE.

I voted Bill Clinton in 92, 96. Al gORE in 2000. Skipped work to drive dems to the polls in 2004. Voted Obama in 2008. . Their last hurrah was defending social security from Bush's scheme to privatize social security and give it to Wall Street criminals. But them the dems became the party of PC, identiy politics and "privilege". I was quietly happy to see dems lose in 2012. Voted libertarian in 2012. And this past election.......TRUMP !!

Yes, the Democrats really messed up.I blame Hilary Clinton for this loss. I hope Trump locks her up.She deserves to spend the rest of her life in jail for losing this election and for the way she and MSNBC treated the Bernie Sanders supporters.Michael Moore got it right & the arrogant Clinton faction ignored him. Bernie would have won this election easily.

Controversy Analysis

I am a Democrat in rural, red-state America. My party abandoned us
Published in Guardian on 2016-11-15T17:38:15+00:00

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I come from rural Texas. I am one of the handful of people here who votes blue and I put up with all kinds of ridicule and rejection because of that. Many of the people who voted for Trump are my friends and family. Yes, some of them are racist but not all of them are. The reason they support Trump is simple: their needs have been thrown aside for years.

Donald Trump is a horrible person. I am glad people are protesting him. But many people here do not see an alternative. The Democratic party does not care about our issues, our culture or our people. There are hundreds of towns in this country just like ours. Well, Donald Trump came and said he cared. Thats why he won: it is not rocket science. We need to look at the truth so we can bring about change.

People here are losing everything that generations of families have worked to build. They depend on their churches for help. They believe people should work hard. Most of us work six to seven days a week, every week. It is no good to judge us instead of understanding us.

We have two private prisons in this town that sustain us in this crunch. Do I agree with private prisons? No. At the same time, if our prisons close it will wipe us out. Not one blue politician has offered a plan to deal with what happens to us then.

Its the same with climate change. My hometown flourished for years because of oil. Now that the price of oil is down, this town lives on one-third of the budget they had. Nobody in Washington DC cares about that either. No wonder so many people in coal country voted for Trump: they were worried about their jobs and income, and they felt that he was the only one listening.

The people who are writing us all off as racists and deplorables have not seen the community and kindness that exists here. When our elementary school burned down the year before last the whole community everyone dug deep to find the money to buy and build a new school.

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In my community, I see a mother whose kid has been in the hospital for a month come home and start her coat drive the next day. I see another mother who spends the month of October collecting junk and selling it for money to send care packages to the military overseas.

I see another woman build one of the states best animal rescue centers. She makes sure that everyone can afford to get their pet neutered. I see her spend every Saturday driving 40 miles for dogs to find a home. I see the local community board provide me with space to make a community garden that is free so everyone in town will have access to organic food.

Rural culture is as important as any other culture and is often thought of as backwards, dumb and redneck. At university, people assumed I was stupid because of my accent. A colleague said right in front of me that my southern accent and enthusiasm should be overlooked because, actually, I was smart. Now that Trump has won, I see countless people say that my community and communities like mine voted him because we are ignorant and bad-hearted. How is that going to help things?

I completely understand why people voted for Trump. I do not agree with it but I understand it. If people want things to change they need to understand us too: we are hurting. We need help to turn our communities around otherwise, people like Trump will continue to get votes here.